WISTA International sets sail with new committee Chairs and surpasses 4000 members worldwide

Press Release: WISTA International, the leading organization empowering women in the maritime industry, is proud to announce the official ratification of its Committee chairs for the term 2023-2024. The endorsement was unanimously approved during today’s Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting held in London.


In addition to this significant development, WISTA International has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 4000 members worldwide. With an ever-expanding network of accomplished women, WISTA International is excellently positioned to continue its work in driving progress and fostering opportunities for women in the maritime industry.


WISTA International has launched two new standing committees: Yachting and Environmental.


These exceptional and dedicated professionals will lead their respective committees, working tirelessly to support WISTA International’s mission of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the maritime sector. Sue Terpilowski OBE and Yasmina Rauber will co-chair the Diversity Committee, while Gina Panayiotou and Marielle Gehlert will serve as co-chairs of the Environmental CommitteeDanae Bezantakou will lead the HR CommitteeMarjolein Van Noort will head the Tech CommitteePaula Pasten will be responsible for the Trade Committee, and Ingrid Gantard will lead the Yachting Committee.


Expressing her enthusiasm, Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA International, stated, “We are delighted to welcome this talented group of women as committee chairs. WISTA International is excited to continue its vital work promoting diversity and inclusion in the maritime industry. It is steadfast in its commitment to providing a platform for women to succeed and thrive. Furthermore, our organization has reached a historic milestone with 4000 members worldwide. This achievement underscores the growing recognition of gender diversity’s crucial role in the maritime industry and highlights the essential work that WISTA undertakes to empower women in this field.”


The committee chairs, together with their respective committees, will collaborate to develop and implement initiatives that support WISTA International’s mission. These committees will also provide comprehensive support to the Executive Committee, actively participate in preparing WISTA’s presence in regional and international forums and stay abreast of global developments that impact their specific areas of interest.


Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA International


President of WISTA International, Elpi Petraki, added “We couldn’t be more excited to have this powerhouse team of women as our Committee chairs. With their expertise and passion, we will continue to create opportunities for women to thrive and break barriers in the maritime industry.”


WISTA International’s Standing Committees comprise members from around the world and from as many different National Women’s Associations as possible to boost inclusion and diversity in decision-making. Each Committee is open to one representative per WISTA NWA. WISTA International warmly congratulates the newly appointed committee chairs and eagerly anticipates their invaluable contributions to promoting diversity and inclusion in the maritime industry.


Header image: WISTA International Executive Committee (ExCo) From left to right: Nazli Selek, Jemilat Mahamah, Elpi Petraki, Dafne Anghelidis, Raimah Chowdhury and Connie Roozen

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