New lobby association launched to promote value of hydrogen from nuclear power

Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative wants to see hydrogen produced from nuclear power for hard to abate segments such as shipping

A new association has been launched in the US to link nuclear power with hydrogen production, notably for hard to abate sectors such as shipping.


The drive to decarbonise shipping and other transport sectors has led to a strong discussion on the development of green hydrogen economies. Many countries and regions are therefore building framework programmes to increase hydrogen production, mostly through the growth in green electricity.


Supporters of nuclear power see this as a green energy source and say it can easily and safely be used to generate the electricity that can be used to make hydrogen, which in turn us needed to generate ammonia and other fuels.


Known ad the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative it includes over 40 nuclear operators, supplier companies, consultancies as well as existing industry lobby associations, foundations and companies established in the hydrogen supply chain. Its mission is to “advance nuclear hydrogen as a critical climate solution within a shared vision of a decarbonized global energy system.”


In the launch press statement the group also published its first report to underscore its message abut the value of nuclear power being a part of the hydrogen economy “Hydrogen Production from Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy: Overview of Current Policies and Recommendations for Government Actions”. 


The authors say the report provides a summary of the policy landscape for nuclear hydrogen around the world, highlighting significant government momentum to advance hydrogen as a climate solution. It finds that 26 countries and the European Union have issued hydrogen roadmaps or strategies, and 21 have released those plans between 2020 and 2021. At the time of publication, 11 additional countries were in the process of preparing hydrogen policies or strategies.

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